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KellyCom Gaming Mathematics

KellyCom Pty Ltd designs and supplies game models to online and land-based gaming operators and manufacturers. We provide proprietary mathematics and/or simulation tests for numbers games - such as slots, poker, keno, bingo and lotto variations - including progressives.

Please note that we do not supply executeables, graphics or sounds. Delivery of the mathematics or simulations in the case of poker, is via an Excel spreadsheet. Copyright is transferred on final payment – we do not take any percentage of profits or revenues.

Our design team has many decades of experience in the formulation of games for casinos and gaming venues.

Each of our games is uniquely designed and supplied once only to a single customer. Documentation supplied with each game includes:

- complete mathematical calculations
- paytable structure and output
- operator risk tables (volatility)
- documentation suitable for submission to regulatory authorities
- documentation for programming implementation purposes

Our games are uncharacterized and do not include the following:
- graphics
- sounds
- back-end supply and integration
- validation with the appropriate testing authority

Our preference is to supply games based on customer specifications, and can include a range of percentage variations, second-screen and free game features.

The initial process for a customised game is for us to forward a Game Parameters form, which helps us to determine your requirements and provide a quotation. On acceptance of the quotation, a draft game will be prepared. This will be submitted to the customer and further refined in response to instructions. This process will continue until the customer is satisfied at which time full documentation will be supplied.

KellyCom also designs modules suitable for second screen games. These can be “pinned” to a game, which we believe is quite unique, as it offers the operator or supplier countless variations, from an initial game base.

The links below include a selection of games and documents for download.

The KellyCom Slot KC4210 is a 3 reel, multiline slot game with re-trigger.
The KellyCom AWP KC3301 is an example of a UK style, Amusement with Prize game..
The KellyCom Slot KC1502 is a 5-reel, Australian-style game sample, to indicate what we offer.
The KellyCom Second Screen Bonus is an example of a second screen module that can be “pinned” to a game math that we supply. For instance, some of these can be applied to the game sample KC1502. The modules simply replace the free game feature with the second screen feature. The module described would affect the payout percentages of KC1502 by increasing each variation 0.06%. We can supply a fully documented sample with one, or more than one dimension or presentation, and attach it to KC1502.
The KellyCom Poker Strategies is a strategy document that explains why we believe that simulations are more practical than mathematics for poker games.
The KellyCom Games Library file is a summary of game features for some of the games we developed up until the end of 2001 (will be shortly updated).
The KellyCom Game Specifications file includes further details on each game from the KellyCom Games Library (we have not included full documentation); and the KellyCom Slots Math file is a summary of the features of each game.

For further information, please contact Judi Kelly from KellyCom Pty. Ltd. via email click here.

Click here to download Acrobat Reader to view PDF files.

PDF Files
KellyCom slot game sample KC4210
KellyCom AWP game sample KC3301
KellyCom Second Screen Bonus
KellyCom Poker Strategies
KellyCom Slot Game KC1502
KellyCom Slot Maths - Summary features - Nov, 2001
KellyCom Game Specifications at Nov 2001
KellyCom Games Library at Nov 2001

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